Some Words on Charlottesville

I was asked how I would respond to the events of Charlottesville had I been president right now. Here’s my answer. Likely my staff would temper my rage, but this is what’s in my heart on the matter:

I come to you tonight with a heavy heart and a seething rage. A small number of young people (who numbered far too many), misguided by the politics of racism and division have made a mockery of not only their own cause, but every principle of liberty, freedom, and equality that we the people of the United States of America hold dear.

To those young people who have bought into the wretched lies offered by division and so-called racial supremacy, hear me very clearly: this is not cute. This is not American. This will not be tolerated.

3/4 of a century ago, our grandfathers and your great-grandfathers traveled halfway around the world to defeat the real version of the phony Reich you now seek. You are not only on the wrong side of history, but you are on the wrong side of the future!

So, take your little Tiki torches and use them to set fire to the defunct flags of defective countries we destroyed decades before your fathers were even born.

You live on this planet because of those whose courage defeated your inferior ideas on the beaches of Normandy and across the plains of Europe. They are the reason you got to come into this world and we will decide whether you stay in it.

Don’t think for even one moment that your anti-American, terrorist ideology will be protected by the color of your skin or the false pedigree of your supposed heritage.

You are no different, regardless of your place of birth than any other terrorist organization we have faced and continue to face. Do not think you will be treated differently from Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Isis, or others. So, my recommendation is that you run and hide and make sure we never see the likes of you again. The United States does not and will not negotiate with terrorists.

You young people want to act like grownups? You’d better be prepared to be treated like that by the most powerful nation this world has ever seen and likely ever will.

We are not screwing around and we suggest that you follow suit.

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