As a candidate for the presidency, who firmly believes truth matters, I shy away from discussing issues on a specific policy level because I don’t ever want to be misconstrued as offering false promises. It is said that most politicians campaign in poetry and govern in prose.

I shy away from that because while I want you to know my heart and how I process information, I also want to be crystal clear that there is a difference between vision and governance. The realities of working toward non-partisan or bi-partisan consensus precludes any honest candidate from making promises regarding how it will all turn out.

Instead I offer vision and reasoning behind my vision in the hopes that we can realistically move forward in ways that serve the interests of our nation without further dividing us along party lines.

I believe strongly in the importance of working with folks on both sides of the aisle so that finally, after years of partisan rancor, misunderstandings, and anger, we can move forward as a unified nation with a vision for what can be rather than the sort of toxic resentment so many of us feel over what has been.

These are just some of the issues we face as a nation and I will be including others as time marches forward. I hope you find my take on these things thought provoking, fresh, and worth considering as we come together to tackle these issues. I am the furthest thing from dogmatic. I am a truth seeker. As such, I reserve always and without shame, the right to alter my positions as increased wisdom and understanding may dictate. Have a look:

Minimum Wage
Guns and Gun Control
A New Mission for Prisons
Climate Change
The Tax Dream to Override the Current Tax Nightmare
Fixing Healthcare the Bipartisan Way
Military and Veterans


Harry on the issues.