What to do about Climate Change: I believe the best way to win an argument is not to have one. The fact is that what I believe about climate change ideologically is not nearly as important as what I believe about it behaviorally. I do, ideologically, believe that climate change is real and I believe humans are a factor. I do not, however; believe that matters if we can’t find common ground with those who, for their own reasons, believe otherwise.

Thankfully, there is a ton of common ground between us if we change the discussion from ideology to behavior: It’s my contention, for example, that an emphasis (and maybe even eventually a switch) on alternative energies, unleashes tremendous benefits to our nation beyond simply an argument– starting with the benefits for us in relation to the issues we face so often in the Middle East: I am tired of having the price of my fuel determined by OPEC.

Imagine the progress we could make in the Middle East if fossil fuels were, as the result of our efforts with alternative energies, rendered no more valuable than sand! Who would that put in the driver’s seat? OPEC nations act too often as if we need them more than they need us. I’d like to teach them the hard way that it’s the other way around. Moreover, most of the rest of the world is on the hunt for fresh inventions – Russia and China alone spending countless billions to find and invent new ways of creating energy. The one thing I know about human ingenuity is that when people start looking for something, they almost always find it. The United States has always been on the front lines of new technologies.

From the light bulb, to radio, to flight, jet propulsion, motion pictures, the internet, smartphone, and the Tesla just to name a few, American inventiveness and ingenuity have always been the keys to our leadership around the world and I have no interest in ceding the race for new energy sources to the likes of Russia, China, or any other nation because I was too busy having an ideological argument over climate change instead of supporting policies to put Americans to work finding the next big thing in energy and making sure we get there first! We don’t have to agree on climate change, because I believe we all, regardless of political alignments agree that when America sets our minds to it, we set the pace, we do things first, we do them well, and we never let up until we win! That’s the America I know. Ideological arguments be damned! We’re still the U.S of A, and we will not be beaten on my watch!

Harry on the issues.