We have to stop paying lip service to infrastructure to score political points. The fact that in August of 2017, the drinking water in Flint, Michigan is still not potable, not to mention the water in other major cities where lead levels are unacceptable, is an unconscionable act of passive aggression from political fat cats who continue to get away with ignoring the plight of people in less affluent areas of our nation.

Infrastructure has to start with clean water and one of the first things we have to do is get new pipes in the ground anyplace where lead pipes were once installed. Treatment won’t do it. We need new pipes – for the same reason we don’t drink out of “treated” toilets. I don’t care how much it costs. The cost of not doing it is too high. Endangering people’s lives is no longer an option. Period!

After the water pipe issues come the roads, tunnels and bridges. They are a mess and traffic time waits alone costs us untold billions every year – not to mention damage to vehicles and the environment from idling cars. Whether you agree with the idea of long term environmental damage from vehicle or not is inconsequential. No one wants to sit in traffic and suck on the fumes from a tail pipe! After that, the dams and reservoirs needed to bring us to the next era of our existence. We have to serve the population of tomorrow, by doing the work today. That’s how this works!

How many more people have to be poisoned before people matter more than money? How many bridges have to collapse before our government takes infrastructure as seriously as a breaking news story?

We need to have the resolve to get it done and when I am president, we will. How are we going to pay for it? A combination of a fuel tax and reinvigorating the same program we used when we did this the first time around: Government issued bonds. Treasury bonds have fallen out of favor in our Wall Street casino-based economy of the last quarter century. But it’s time to re-invigorate them for a new generation of Middle class America so that we can give Americans a valid, safe way to invest again in their futures by investing in our nation!

It won’t be easy, but we don’t have a choice. Our infrastructure is falling down around us. We need to build, but we can’t afford it. We have to cover it over 20 years, but we need the rebuild yesterday. We can’t wait anymore. The time for action is now. I can’t promise anyone undeliverable coal jobs, but I can promise you this: We have a zillion miles of new roads to lay, and if you’re willing to go to work, we’re gonna need you!

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