Why I’m Running for President

I don’t think anybody should run for president without a really compelling reason  – something bigger than self  – a heart-first answer for why one wants to be the president of the United States.

I joke sometimes that in 2020, my now teen stepdaughters will be 18 and 21 and that I like the idea of them being protected by authorities with guns. But the truth is, they probably aren’t going to like that very much, so my real compelling reason had better be worth their ire. So my answer – – the real one – – is this:

I’m running for the person who for no fault of their own finds themselves in need and is told that she and her daughter will need to find a way to eat on $233 per month in food stamps–a woman I talked to who has literally at times, scrounged in the garbage for food.

I’m running for the hard-working employee of an air conditioning company whose jobs are being eliminated despite being told by another politician that their job, because of him, was safe.

I’m running for the single mother of five with a deadbeat ex partner who’s trying to make a go of it in the world that keeps beating her down.

I’m running for the family that has to start a go fund me account to send their kid to girl Scout camp.

I’m running for the person who has a $30,000 hospital bill because the insurance company in the hospital can’t get together on her coverage

I’m running for the senior citizen who spends more money on pharmaceuticals in a month than they do on food.

I’m running for the family farmer and rancher competing with corporate growers of the same who have all but priced them out of the market.

I’m running for the retail clerk who might get a better job if only she had the time.

I’m running for the person who can’t even get that retail job because of the color of their skin because far too often equalities in law still don’t equate to equalities in practice.

I’m running for the for those who but for our intervention might find themselves facing the same fate as people like Philando Castile, Travon Martin, and far too many others profiled because they’re black.

I’m running for the person subjected to extra scrutiny and prejudice because of their religion or their name.

I’m running for the person who has to endure being told, when they go out in public, to go back to where they came from.

I’m running for the child afraid because they find themselves at odds with the gender they were assigned at birth.

I’m running for the teacher who feels helpless to teach in an environment where the kids have no support at home.

I’m running for the parents whose kids have special needs forced to go to schools with no possible means of supporting those needs.

I’m running for the hard-working miners, truck drivers, construction workers, dockworkers, factory workers, nurses, landscapers, shift workers, and all of the people in this country who know, just like me, what it’s like to come home from work in desperate need of a shower and then not to take that shower, but to collapse instead in their own filth because they just can’t stay upright for even one more minute at the end of the day.

These are not lazy ne’er-do-wells. These are hard-working people– Americans of every faith, political party, gender, sexual preference, educational level and ethnic background, who for no fault of their own find themselves sometimes needing not a handout but just a little bit of a leg-up–just a little bit of assistance from a government far too often geared toward looking after those who do pretty well without any help instead of being geared toward our society’s most vulnerable.

The measure of a nation cannot be adequately taken without accounting for the general welfare of the people religion calls “the least of these, my brethren,” whom the constitution refers to as “we the people.”

It is my contention that our nation has been led by elitists serving only the needs of elitists for far too long – – And it is time for the working class to stand up and be counted and for each and everyone of us to finally and forevermore, count!

So, in 2020, join me in shouting with a united and unrelenting voice, to those who would prefer business as usual in a country far too prone to pander to rich elitists rather than fulfilling the mandate of government to watch out for those who most need someone to watch out for them, the words of the rock-band Twisted Sister: “if that’s your best, your best won’t do,” and “we’re not gonna take it anymore!”

I look forward to serving as your president!

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